For over thirty years brwarchitects has told the stories of clients and communities in Central Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic through architecture. We are known for our personal, collaborative approach to projects and our diverse portfolio in the areas of urban, commercial, religious, and residential design.

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residential rear elevation
Community Church
225 East Main


repurposing suburban retail spaces at riverside medical plaza

The decline of big box stores and suburban shopping centers has left urban planners and developers with the dilemma of how to repurpose these large-footprint buildings. Not all attempts are successful: some conversions to town attractions or greenhouses lacked sustainability. The most successful examples of reuse have been in the public interest: community centers, libraries, churches, and medical plazas.

On Route 29 North, the former Riverside Center retail shopping center is currently under redevelopment, lead by developer Norm Brinkman with brwarchitects acting as design firm for the complex’s Building 1.

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brw welcomes whitney and gerardo

Brw is pleased to welcome Whitney McDermott and Gerardo Hernandez to our design team.

Whitney is a Virginia native who studied civil engineering as an undergrad at the University of Virginia, and earned her Master of Architecture and Urban and Environmental Planning in 2015. Whitney brings to brwarchitects a focus and awareness of the intricate workings of a particular place, its culture, and its people. This lens informs her approach to the built environment, as well as to community-led design processes and an ongoing practice of integrating listening and engagement throughout design.

Gerardo is a native Spanish-speaker, and earned his Masters of Architecture after an established career in design and construction management. He brings an experience in projects of varying size and complexity, including projects in the greater Washington DC area and on the National Mall. He has also enjoyed designing residential and smaller commercial projects, and being involved with Habitat for Humanity. Gerardo is interested in urban projects and sustainable design, and in the role that architects play in improving the well-being of a community.

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